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Developer: Cakewalk
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP
Limitation: Not available
Operation system: Windows 2000/XP
Price: $429
License: Free to try
Version: v2
Downloads: 7041
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If you have a lot of Native Instruments softsynths, for example, you will be very pleased to find you can use them all in P5, including the “heavies” like Reaktor Session and Kontakt. This is basic stuff like audio and MIDI channel settings, track arming, volume, pan, mute and solo. If you find the rasp too much, there are plenty of other synths out there that make ‘pretty’ string sounds. In my testing, I found Sonar 5 to be stable; intuitive, as is typical from Cakewalk; excellent-sounding; and, with the new instruments and provided content, full of instant inspiration. The interface is visually appealing,but the signal processors in the mix panel lack the photo-realisticsheen of other such products.

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All good stuff, fun, useful, and automatable by mouse or MIDI. DrumFlow has build-in Drum Setup editor (for GS or XG MIDI). Once you get good at it, though, you can move around pretty effortlessly. One way to do this is to use the 'Velocity Filter' in Syn.Ops.

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Audiofanzine : tout sur la MAO, le home studio, les instruments de musique… The second incarnation of P5 is not just another ‘me too’ program: it sets a new standard for the rest of the loopers out there. I alerted Cakewalk to this, who confirmed the bug and suggested a simple workaround until they post a patch: launch the Properties page for that instance of DS864 so that it is always ‘floating’. When you're done working on a group, an Archive button turns off the relevant controls — very nice. A device chain is made up of an instrument, any effects that were loaded with the instrument when the device chain was saved, the parameters for the instrument and effects, and remote control settings for the instrument and effects.

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To reassign a knob, simply right-click and choose another parameter. Finally, Cakewalk threw in a collection of audio loops and MIDI patterns.

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Cons: I only found one instance of any gapping, and it was honestly an easy work around. I imported 16-bit and 24-bit copies of all of the audio files into Sonar, and the program automatically created the necessary additional audio tracks; this was a 27-track number, and I began with Sonar's 24-track audio template. Supported file formats are WAV, AIFF, AKP (Akai S5000/6000), KRZ (Kurzweil 2000), SF2 (Soundfont 2), and DP8 (DS864’s file format for multisampled programs).

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That just about wraps up the major new features in P5 version 2, though there are other more minor additions such as tap tempo and a Freeze function borrowed from Sonar. Its library might not be quite as detailed as the 10-gigabyte orchestral triangle someone is likely to put out, but is an impressive collection nonetheless.

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If you like sound design, Dimension is the perfect way to keep off the streets and out of trouble, at least for a while. You can hide or show the Bus pane by clicking the Show/Hide Aux/Master/Tempo button that's at the bottom of the Bus pane.