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Rights of Third Parties

Maintain a principal residence or a principal place of business in the State of Delaware; b. Asking nicely for repayment and being understanding about unforeseen circumstances may make the borrower more inclined to pay in full.

What is a Promissory Note?

This distinction is key, because the fundamental nature of a “security” is its character as an “investment”. Please be aware that our agents are not licensed attorneys and cannot address legal questions. © 2018 Electronic Forms LLC. Whether or not a member of a limited liability company, who, although not a manager as defined in § 18-101(10) of this title, participates materially in the management of the limited liability company; provided however, that the power to elect or otherwise select or to participate in the election or selection of a person to be a manager as defined in § 18-101(10) of this title shall not, by itself, constitute participation in the management of the limited liability company. (D) Nothing herein contained limits or affects the right to serve process in any other manner now or hereafter provided by law. The pronouns used herein shall include, where appropriate, either gender or both, singular and plural. Thus, its issuance without Fletcher’s prior consent was a violation of the Certificate.

Commerce and Trade

VITAL PRODUCTS, INC Document Date: 6/18/2010 Governing Law:Delaware Parties: Magna Acquisition LLC . Financial Services Sector: Financial Governing Law:Delaware Parties: MAGNA LAB INC . For the purpose of this Agreement, the phrases “to the Company’s knowledge”, “the knowledge of the Company,” “the Company is not aware” or “known to the Company” or similar phrases shall mean the actual knowledge, after due inquiry of those persons who the Knowledge Officers (as defined below) have reason to believe are aware of the matter in question, and after reasonable investigation.

Limitation of Actions

Interest on this debt evidenced by this Note shall not exceed the maximum amount of non-usurious interest that may be contracted for, taken, reserved, charged, or received under law; any interest in excess of the maximum shall be credited on the principal of the debt or, if that has been paid, refunded. Code 1852, § 2744; Code 1915, § 4673; Code 1935, § 5131; 10 Del. All necessary action on the part of the Creditor, its officers, directors, partners, members and shareholders, as applicable, necessary for the authorization of this Agreement and the performance of all obligations of the Creditor hereunder has been taken.


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Is a Note a Security?

Under Delaware law, except as provided below, a lender may not charge a borrowed interest at a rate more than 5% over the Federal Reserve discount rate including any surcharge. Build a document in minutes with our step-by-step tool. Cape Bear Partners, LLC Document Date: 4/15/2010 Industry: Computer Peripherals Sector: Technology Governing Law:Delaware Parties: API TECHNOLOGIES CORP Document Date: 4/13/2010 Industry: Semiconductors Sector: Technology Governing Law:Delaware Parties: API TECHNOLOGIES CORP.