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Arkansas law regarding security deposits are effective for landlord/owners of 6 units or more or agents or representatives of the owner (no matter how many units may be involved). The tenant may ask the judge for more time to prepare a defense or to hire an attorney. The Notice to Vacate must be hand-delivered or sent Certified Mail.

What happens if I do not send a notice properly?

In my experience, it is amazingly rare for a tenant to file an answer and pay the rent into the court registry. The following is a list of provisions that are specific to Arkansas rental statutes: • Any change in a rental agreement must be made in writing, even if the lease is oral, and must be signed by all parties to the lease. €¢ A landlord may not evict a tenant without cause, as defined by the Arkansas Property Code or disturb the tenant’s right to live in peace and quiet. €¢ A landlord may not interrupt utilities, if provided, unless there is a bona fide emergency. €¢ If a landlord fails to make repairs needed to protect health, safety or security, the tenant has remedies under Arkansas law, but must follow certain procedures that are set in A.C.A.18-16-101.

Arkansas Eviction Notice Requirements

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Landlord rights:

For example, if the Landlord was required to give a 10-day notice but only gives a 3-day notice, the Tenant may be able to claim that you violated their right to due process. You would then be required to appear in court where you could be fined up to $25 for each day you remained in the dwelling after being given the ten (10) day notice to vacate. In Arkansas, can Landlord change out the locks and require immediate eviction in an apartment simply because tenant had a cat (took in stray till tenant could find it a permanent home) — the rental contract does specifically say “no pets”, so obviously this covenant was violated.

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Rocket Lawyer US {{firstName}} {{lastName}} Use Rocketlawyer as: As a landlord, sometimes you have no choice but to evict a tenant. Here are some of costs incurred if the Landlord illegally takes the law into their own hands instead of sending a proper notice: 1. In September 1988, amendments to the Fair Housing Act were enacted into law to take effect March 20, 1989, (Pub. No part of this information is a substitute for legal advice. Smart Converter Pro builds on the runaway success of the Smart Converter engine and gives you more control over your conversions than ever before.

2010 Arkansas Code Title 18 – Property Subtitle 2 – Real Property Chapter 17 – Arkansas Residential Landlord — Tenant Act of 2007 Subchapter 9 – Eviction Proceedings

After all, a tenant that could afford to pay the rent probably would have. Some states require different notice periods depending on whether the Tenant materially breached the lease agreement.