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Developer: Blue Project Software
Specifications: Versio 2.1:
  • Improved web-based interface
  • simplified but more efficient access rights management
  • documents properties extended
    Requirements: None
    Limitation: 200-document/5-user trial
    Operation system: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8
    Price: $159
    License: Free to try
    Version: v1
    Downloads: 845
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    Detail:BlueDoc 1.2.2

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    Version 3, 29 June 2007

    Check motor leads to ground and motor casing, The resistance should be very high, indicating motor is not grounding to the casing. Bluedoc GmbH Telefon: 089 891690-0 E-Mail: Webseite: The Learning Objectives are a finely tuned set of detailed objectives that map to the Program Objectives. When you use BlueDoc, you have the advantage of a powerful tool necessary for designing, storing, and controlling the documents in the electronic format. Â This solution is accessible via the internet and there is no need to install and configure software packages.

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    Here the author offers a code snippet, which helps in performing the above said process. After researching over 5,000 systems, we can identify the best solution for companies of all shapes and sizes. Despite its advanced workflow tools, BlueDoc does not allow you to scan and import new documents directly from the application, a feature found in the top-rated software. Generate Product Keys and provide Software Activation based on RSA asymmetric encryption.