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Practical Punting Membership

One man on his own just hasn’t the time or the ability to go through all the racing, formlines, vidoes and sift views from a stable of contacts in 24 hours. To add a flower, click the “Leave a Flower” button.

Professional Punters

If you elect to return your revision question papers they will be marked and appraised and returned to you with any comments necessary. They identify it and use others to plug up the gap or gaps. The astute players will be forming their own tissue before looking at the magic machine (Betfair), attempting to form an opinion before seeing what the masses have decided are the “right prices”.

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Personally, I will never be a Bob Rothman, Harry Findlay, or a Patrick Veitch. What about backing horses up on the speed versus those who flash home from the tail? Additionally, the app gives punters instant availability to exclusive bonus and offers across racing and sports. There is no one paying your National Insurance stamp, no one shelling out sick and holiday pay, no guarantee that you will be insured by the trappings those conventionally employed enjoy.

BetTrader Trading Software Subscription — 1 Year

The page of change, driven partly by hackers, is such that all old software is going to be useless soon, and keeping up to date the only option apart from keeping old machines in a corner, away from the internet. Yes, you can take a little bit of notice of markets but what is the use of doing form if you are going to listen to someone else? Dr Whiting said: “Off-course punters cannot access these methods to the same degree as the professionals I studied, and that extra information can give them a greater edge when betting.€ For more than two years, she conducted interviews and shadowed several members of Victoria’s career gamblers for her study ‘Identity and Practice among Australian Horseracing Punters’. Platinum subscribers get access to our Daily Stats Area containing 1000’s of race related signposts and unique punting pointers which you can analyse in seconds. Every effort has been made to describe the product accurately in the promotional pages and apart from acceptable advertising license no attempt has been made to mislead the reader or exaggerate the claims made.

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We will promptly correct any information found to be incorrect. DOES … There’s no flat-out answer to “how much can you earn from sports betting?€.

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Latest from the Sports Desk of The Sydney Morning Herald. All in all, sports betting is about reading the fine print to understand the odds and probabilities. My reasoning being twofold – firstly, I am generally too focused on the races on the day throughout the week to concentrate on the Saturday races. In the second article in his exclusive series for PPM, the noted US greyhound racing expert Pender Noriega talks about the selection process and how to find “key” banker bets for the exotics.


Professional Punting in Action is a dynamic, structured approach designed to develop your handicapping and form analysis skills to a professional level … in just a few weeks! A quick glance at the form identifies one horse that has come up comfortable overs.

My new life as a pro punter

Sadly the online firms now have dedicated security departments that can track IP addresses, conduct credit reports and generally find out what the pro’s 94 year old grandma had for tea last night, so the pro has to very active and inventive. Many such as and have won huge sums in the past when getting these astute bets was far easier than today. What advice would you give to the punter who only has a few hours to study the form each week? Trying to understand why certain horses are being backed, and which one’s have been genuinely gambled-on as opposed to the false plunges is a vital angle for all traders. It provides a vital background of all aspect of racing.